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Duran's Wall Coverings and Painting is owned and operated by Sarbelio Duran since 1985. 

For years, Sarbelio has specialized in  transforming old dull walls to a striking and new space. Every project is approached with the utmost care for your spcace.  


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5 Keys to Paint Your Home

Protects your Home

Painting exterior and interior walls will help these surfaces endure normal wear and tear, and protect walls from damaging effects of water.


Painting your home can increase the overall value of your home.

Curb Appeal

Painting exterior walls, trim and other surfaces will brightnen your home.

Clean Home

Homes with plaster walls, keeping the interior surfaces painted can keep plaster in check, and dust to a minimum.

Positive Energy

Changing colors to the walls of your home. Light or White paint makes small rooms appear bigger. Bright colors can make a room fun, Pastels can make a room cozy and comfortable.

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